My name is Katherine Heigl. I am an actress, producer, mother, wife, animal advocate, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker etc, etc! I live in the mountains of Utah where my family and I have managed to create an oasis for ourselves. It’s a quieter life, a simpler one for which we are very grateful. I’ve found over the years that it’s easy for most of us to get lost in the hustle of our lives and to forget the fleeting Heavenly Days that come our way. My goal the last few years has been to find a way of creating them for myself, my friends and my family without it costing me all my time, energy and resources. We all lead busy, chaotic lives, but we still want to find a way to enjoy them. These days I try harder to be in the moment as it happens, not exhausted as it ends.

I’m thrilled to share with you all of the things that inspire me, give me purpose, and bring beauty, peace and gratitude to my life. My blog will represent my thoughts, interests and hobbies but if you would like to know more about my work as an actor you can visit my official website. If like me you are a passionate animal lover and advocate, please visit my foundation website and find out more about our work to care for companion animals in need.

I hope my ideas speak to you and inspire you the way countless others have done for me. Heavenly Days: when the sun shines just right, friends are close by, family is at peace and your work coincides with your dreams. Often that can seem unattainable, but those days do exist. The trick is to keep them coming!